27th April 2021

Matt Bradbury Sports has been working with educational resource  specialist TTS

TTS is part of the RM Group who are focused on helping teachers to teach and learners to learn, by developing engaging, inspiring solutions for the effective use of technology in education.

For over 40 years they have created an extensive range of innovative and award-winning products, solutions and services – all carefully designed or selected to meet the specific needs of UK education.

Matt has written a personal blog giving the insight of the effects that sport, or the lack of it (especially during a global pandemic), can have on your family and how positive thinking can make a huge difference.

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1st January 2021

Over the last two half terms I have been working with the children of Hollywell Primary delivering the CCM Urban Hockey programme. 


Sessions take place every week day afternoon on school playgrounds and we attend the Hollywell Growth Project every Wednesday.  Children take part in different activities and sports challenging them to enhance their team work, logical thinking, creativity and resilience. 

All of the children have really engaged and taken to the urban hockey sessions. One particular year 4 class has really excelled and exhibited some great new skills such as stickhandling (dribbling) and shooting the ball in an attempt to score goals and punch the air with pride.  

I was contacted by the parents of Mia one of the school children that I had been coaching prior to the festive period. 

Mia’s parents were informing me that she had enjoyed the urban hockey sessions so much that she had put 2 urban hockey sticks and balls on her Christmas list as she was desperate to show her mum, dad, sister and brother what she’d been doing as well as wanting to teach them how to play the game too. 

Matt Bradbury Sports were able to make this happen and delivered the equipment ahead of Christmas Day.  

Matt said “It just shows the impact that this programme can have in such a short space of time. Sessions are suitable for both boys and girls offering many opportunities to take part in individual and team competitions to draw out the skills to progress their skill set.”


Mia’s mum was so pleased “The urban hockey programme has been really positive for Mia and something that has really given her something to focus on. It looks like a really fun sport and we look forward to giving it a try. I’d like to thank Matt for being so supportive and engaging with the children he has really drawn the best out of not only Mia but the rest of the class too.”

Matt concluded “We look forward to returning back with Hollywell in Spring 1 and 2 half terms and ensuring that the next group of children have as much fun in learning more about urban hockey.”

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12th December 2020

Matt Bradbury Sports in partnership with Skateland Nottingham are excited to announce a fantastic new schools experience starting in 2021.


Skateland is Nottingham’s community roller skating rink which is right in the heart of the City Centre.


Matt Bradbury said “Roller skating is accessible as lots of children have their own roller skates.  However many children attending this programme may have never had the chance to try roller skating at a roller rink before and it’s great to provide this offer to schools in Nottingham and across the region.”


“To say 2020 has been a tough year would be an understatement.  First and foremost we want to provide reassurance to schools during these unprecedented times by offering private sessions. Sessions will be available in either the morning or afternoon just for your class/school.”


Joy Cotton owner of Skateland said “Skateland has worked hard to gain the "We're Good To Go" Covid-19 industry safe standard.  We are really looking forward to welcoming the schools and continuing our high standards to ensure the safety of all of our customers.”

“Matt has 18 years experience of managing and delivering a schools and community programme within a skating environment and we are proud to be working in partnership.”


Travel can be arranged by Matt Bradbury Sports on the schools behalf by sourcing private transport via Nottingham City Council Solar Team.  Contract buses providing Covid-19 secure transportation is available at a competitive price.


We will be able to offer schools and groups one off visits as well as our brand new “Get Rolling” learn to skate programme.

Roller-skating is a great way to develop coordination, balance and contribute towards a child's wellbeing and self esteem. It works muscles in the legs, glutes, and core, burning about 600 calories an hour.

To find out more click here

Opportunities can be tailor made and bespoke to your school or groups needs.

2020-21 schools roller skating pdf flyer download

Get in touch for further information.

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5th December 2020

Whether it’s urban hockey, street or ice hockey there are many common themes that spring to mind, in particular stick skills, health, fitness and most important of them all “fun!”

Matt Bradbury Sports are excited to announce a new partnership with the Nottingham Huskies Junior Ball Hockey Club. 

Matt said “Working with children delivering Urban Hockey in schools and within communities I am seeing children with great enthusiasm and a special talent for the Urban Hockey programme”. 

Nottingham Huskies are the junior section within the Nottingham Wolves senior organisation with teams at under 11, 13 and 16 age groups. 

We are pleased that the ball hockey club are going to provide a free 6 week talent identification scholarship to each school Matt Bradbury Sports work with where a youngster has shown real potential and enthusiasm for the sport. 

Rob Clayton Huskies General Manager said “Being able to partner with Matt is a fantastic opportunity for our junior club. Matt has years of experience in coaching, and now through his Urban Hockey schools programme he is giving young people a taste of our great sport.”

“Via this partnership we hope we can take young players on the next part of their hockey journey. Matt’s work aligns brilliantly with our objective to expand the sport at a local level.”

Matt concluded “To be able to offer such a scholarship to a school gives added value but more importantly the chance for a youngster to extend and enhance their hockey training with the Huskies.  The relationship with the Huskies is a perfect exit route to signpost the children to continue participation in sport.”

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24th November 2020

We are pleased to be working with DW Promo for the launch of our new merchandise range.

Matt Bradbury said "Its great to continue to grow our partnership with Darren and the team at DW."

"We now have a one stop shop for customers which is ideal as everything is available online at the click of a button or the swipe of a finger."

"The Promo team take away the stress of procurement, design and delivery enabling me to focus on the front line delivering the projects in community venues and schools." 

"I recommend that any sporting clubs or businesses click through and see how DW Promo can help you."

Click here to see the range of merchandise available.

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30th October 2020

At Matt Bradbury Sports we were lucky enough to be contacted by Euro-Puck Podcast to be a part of their weekly Friday podcast.


Thanks to the both Chris Gadsby and Hayden Carpenter for taking the time to make this possible.


Find out more about Matt Bradbury Sports:-


  • How Matt became involved in ice hockey

  • Take a trip down memory lane to the old Nottingham Ice Stadium

  • As well as how he overcame injury to remain involved in the sport he loved

  • Discussing the new business venture

  • Coaching within the Great Britain ice hockey programme.

To give it a watch click here

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19th October 2020

Matt Bradbury Sports are excited to announce a new partnership with Puck Stop who will be supplying off ice hockey training equipment. 

To become a good hockey player you must train not only with your team on the ice but must spend a lot of time off the ice training alone.

Matt Bradbury said “When I looked through the Puck Stop website what really stood out was a hockey training system that can grow with the player as they develop and Hockey Revolution is the perfect “Modular System” 

“This is top interactive off ice equipment and I am looking forward to showcasing it with the Nottingham Ice Hockey Club to really offer something very unique that can support players to achieve better results with their agility, coordination and reaction time in an effective and dynamic way”.

Richard Day, Director of Puck Stop said “

We’re excited to be teaming up with Matt Bradbury Sports to help develop the skills and love for the game in the next generation of hockey players."

"Hockey Revolution products are perfect for using in a home or team environment to work upon a range of hockey specific skills. No matter the player’s age or skill level, they allow them to practice and perfect your skills whilst having fun doing so.”

Matt Bradbury concluded “After this weeks governments local lockdown announcements, it’s key that we keep our young hockey players minds and bodies active and I’m quite sure that this equipment will have a strong impact on the development of the up and coming player off the ice in a challenging way.”

“When I spoke to Richard I was so excited to work alongside the UK’s leading ice and inline hockey specialists that have 25 years of experience and it doesn’t get any better for me.  Puck Stop is a brand that I am proud to be associated with and I look forward to growing our partnership further.”

Matt Bradbury Sports delivered their first ever off ice camp see photos on Facebook.

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16th September 2020

Matt Bradbury Sports are pleased to announce another addition to this years CCM Urban Hockey sessions.

Hollywell Primary in Kimberley are to incorporate Urban Hockey for KS2 pupils as part of their GROWTH Project for the next four half terms through Winter and into Spring 2021.

"I have worked with Mr Chadburn and the team at Hollywell before and its great to be linking up with them again."

"Hollywell are an innovative school and the GROWTH Project offers their children the opportunity to access activities that will enhance their Teamwork, Logical Thinking, Creativity and build Resilience - to name a few key attributes."

"Urban Hockey will certainly offer those opportunities to the children and offer a real challenge. It's something new and will be a really exciting project to be a part of."



12th September 2020

After six months away from doing my thing - it was an amazing feeling to be back on the school playgrounds this week visiting two new schools that I’ve never worked with before.

There was a real buzz around the classes as I met the children for the first time that I was going to be coaching this half term. 

We started off the new school year firstly with some lovely sunny weather so it was great to be able to stay outdoors and take advantage of this. You could just tell as they ran around with their hockey sticks in their hand focusing on the ball that it was a huge relief to be back out their with their classmates.  The enjoyment and excitement was kicking in. Kids with a “can do” attitude with real skill and enthusiasm!

This half term I’m working at Banks Road Infants with Year 1 and 2 and then later in the week with Year 3’s at Claremont Primary. 

With everything that’s been going on over the last six months - three things that really struck home with me:-

- Kids still have a huge appetite for sport!

- There’s still a keenness for youngsters to learn!

- Commitment and dedication from the schools teaching staff and management is stronger than I’ve ever seen!

“They have been thrown a real curve ball, but boy are they battling back!”

And you can certainly feel the drive as everyone is determined to get back to some sort of normality. 

Keep up the great work everyone.



27th August 2020

The first batch of Matt Bradbury Sports clothing has arrived at the office this week. 

Matt linked up DW Design in Stapleford to design the new logo and branding required to enhance the website, social media platforms and coach wear. 

“I’ve known and worked with Darren for many years and I trust his design skills, work ethic and commitment to raising brand awareness.”

“He is committed to help me achieve the best for Matt. Bradbury Sports and I look forward to continue working with him for future years.  I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to others. “

To see more of DW Design’s work click here



22nd August 2020

Matt Bradbury Sports has been awarded the Duty To Care Award from UK Coaching

The Duty to Care Toolkit is a series of Knowledge Checks and coach learning resources set across the five distinct pillars that represent the Duty to Care ethos: Safeguarding, Inclusion, Diversity, Well-being and Mental Health.

This toolkit will equip coaches with the knowledge and skills to provide great coaching experiences to others, as well as support coaches to begin to better look after themselves

Great coaching is beyond just the technical and tactical elements that make up the playing of a sport. It’s about the person-centred experience, ie a coach-participant relationship that is positive, motivational, caring and rewarding.

Matt Bradbury said "I am pleased to receive this seal of approval.  All coaches can receive this digital award by registering with UK Coaching and going through five knowledge checks attached to each of the five pillars of duty to care."

For further information visit



7th August 2020

We are pleased to announce that World Class ice hockey manufacturers CCM are to partner with Matt Bradbury Sports Urban Hockey for Schools and Communities Programme.


CCM will provide specialist hockey sticks, street balls, hockey nets and provide some innovative coaching aids to support and enhance delivery.


This partnership will really offer young people the “Urban Hockey Experience” in Nottingham and across the East Midlands.


Bryan Larkin CCM UK said “We have worked with Matt for many years and look forward to continuing our partnership with this great programme to help grow the game of hockey.”


Matt Bradbury said “After this weeks launch its great to be able to announce further exciting news.”


“When the opportunity arose to work with CCM and showcase their brand through the Urban Hockey Programme I jumped at the chance.”

“CCM is a brand that I am so proud to be associated with and I will be going #ALLOUT to make it a huge success.”

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3rd August 2020

The Covid 19 pandemic has been life changing for everyone.

In March, after 18 years working in sports development/coaching at the National Ice Centre I found myself with the unexpected challenge of facing furlough due to the closure of all UK sporting facilities.


The furlough period provided me with a number of opportunities as well as the time to reflect on my working life and helped me look towards a possibly different but equally challenging future.


With the many skills that I have gained over the years I could bring together all of my sporting experience to use at different levels in various settings.


Having made my decision to leave my post as Sports Development Officer and become a self-employed coach I feel very positive that what I have to offer to schools, communities and sports clubs will greatly benefit those who participate: for me I will always give 100% to everything I do.


I’ve already signed up to work with two schools to deliver The Urban Hockey programme - more information to follow soon.


Should you be interested in finding out more about how Matt Bradbury Sports can support and assist your school/community group please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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