Feedback About Matt Bradbury Sports

Matt has brought the urban hockey programme to our school and it has had a huge impact with all children during both their PE lessons and at the after school club.  The sessions are really engaging and inclusive for all.

Springfield Academy

The children look forward to their urban hockey sessions each week.  We have seen the children’s skills develop rapidly in a new sport that they have never tried before.

Melbury Primary

Urban hockey provides an opportunity to children that sometimes find sport more challenging. It’s an exciting game to play as it is so fast moving.  It’s great to see children’s faces when they score a goal and celebrate with their team mates.

Rufford Primary

Matt was absolutely amazing with the children.  They loved every minute.  The children started to show great progress in such a short time.

Mrs Hayes - Claremont Primary

The beauty of the urban hockey is that it’s high impact for the kids, it gives an opportunity for everyone to be involved, the skill levels set isn’t too challenging so they can have a really enjoyable experience playing a very unique sport.

Nick Robb - Nottingham City School Games Organiser

Matt has been fantastic in everything he has been involved in that we’ve taken part in, his approach with our son who has additional needs has always been fantastic and appreciated, wish him all the best in his future with his new venture.

Jon Peel - Ice Hockey Dad

As part of our enrichment afternoons the urban hockey has seen both boys and girls from year 7 learn skills and play matches that have seen the, play a team sport which has motivated and enthused them.

Bluecoat Academy

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