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Room 180 Darts Academy

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The Room 180 Darts Academy links educational establishments with darting sessions that lead interested young players into developing their knowledge, ability and understanding of the sport of darts.  The sessions develop physical skills, social skills and mental maths agility by helping all participants develop aspirational and emerging talents. (securing the learning is the key!) 

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You provide the room and let us provide your company with the fun and challenging activity of the Room 180 Darts Team Building  Challenge.

Whether you choose a conference hall, function room or a suitable room above a pub we can create a great evening and opportunity through the use of darts games.

Head of darts Gary Horsley said "All events are based on fun and have been really effective in developing social interaction for all players.  The format is based around an interactive darting quiz and then fun darting team games against the clock!"

"We have developed a "Speed Darts" darting programme into a highly effective competition based team event.  Events are based around darting games and can be adjusted for the level of darting ability of the participants."


"The great thing about darts is that everyone can feel relaxed, have a drink, feel involved and you don't have to be the best to be successful."

Team building sessions can accommodate between 30-60 people in teams participating in both individual and team challenges throughout the evening.

Make your evening rewarding, engaging, cost effective and a huge success by getting in touch and working with Room 180 Darts Academy - Click Here To Contact Us.



Room 180 Academy have been working in a variety of Primary and Secondary schools across the East Midlands developing their education and darts offer.  The sessions include basic introduction to the sport of darts, developing numeracy skills and creating fun, social development activities for the learners.  Based around the school requests, sessions are structured around the timetabled sessions from small groups to whole school activities. To find out more - Click Here to get in touch.

Community Groups

Sessions are adapted for the young people from wide ranging community backgrounds.  Creating a fun and engaging atmosphere encourages young people to develop their social, numeracy and darting skills.  Each session looks at team building, numeracy skills and focuses on key social development activities.  The adapted darts games are inclusive for all abilities and competition is at the centre of each session.


To find out more - Click Here to get in touch.

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