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Matt Bradbury Sports offers various coaching opportunities.  Should you be interested in discussing any potential projects or ideas please get in touch.

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Roller-skating is a great way to develop coordination, balance and contribute towards a child's wellbeing and self esteem. It works muscles in the legs, glutes, and core, burning about 600 calories an hour.

To see the huge success that roller skating has brought to peoples lives during lockdown - BBC News

Matt Bradbury Sports has 18 years experience of managing and delivering a schools and community programme within a skating environment.

Why not visit Nottingham’s community roller skating rink “Skateland” right in the heart of the City Centre which has the "We're Good To Go" Covid-19 industry standard.

To offer reassurance during these unprecedented times private sessions are available in the morning and afternoons just for your class/school.

Give your children the chance to get “Rolling!” with this exciting new schools experience.

This sport and venue is a great way to engage children in safe environment where you can skate across the specially treated roller pad flooring measuring 80 m2.

All activity is fully insured, risk assessed, staff hold valid dbs certification. There will be a first aider available on site during the sessions.

Let us arrange your private transport via Nottingham City Council Solar Team using buses contracted to provide Covid-19 secure transportation.

2020-21 schools roller skating pdf flyer download

What sessions?

Roller skating opportunities can be tailor made and bespoke to your school or groups needs.

To find out more details get in touch with us.


During the Covid Pandemic roller skating has been a global success.

Roller skating can help you to get away from it all - whether you consider it as a hobby, past time or sport there is no doubt that it can have a huge impact on your self-esteem and well-being.

There's nothing better than learning something new and exercising releasing the body's "feel good chemicals" which can assist in changing your mood, give you the feel good factor and boost your confidence. 

Roller skating has the power for people to reminisce the times when they used to skate when they were younger.  The rise in popularity has motivated people to have another go which can be both revitalising and satisfying.

Matt Bradbury Sports are proud to be working in partnership with Skateland in Nottingham

Video courtesy of BBC News

Thanks to @aliceinrollerland , @oumi_janta , @hydepark_uk_skaters , @terrormisu_skates , @roller_girl_gang , James Anderson &  Bella McShane

Schools Roller Skating: Video
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