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Coaching Symposium Video Chat 8

In our eighth video chat we catch up again with Lee Waters who is one of our guest speakers.

It was great to be able to sit down with Lee again with Chris to discuss the forthcoming coaching symposium.

Lee talks about the his forthcoming workshop at the Symposium over the weekend of 13/14 July 2024 - Performance Psychology - Understanding, Communicating & Motivating.

He chats to us about the importance of performance psychology for players and coaches. Not only preparing the body physically but also getting the mind ready for training, matches and ice hockey generally as a sport.

We look forward to bringing you more Coaching Symposium Video Chats with Chris and other guest speakers to get a feel and get to know who our guest speakers really are with a bit of their history, background as well as what they are looking forward to most at our Symposium.

To find out further details and to make a booking:-

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