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When The Puck Drops Joins The Team

The presence of social media is so important and for our coaching symposium this is no different.

We are proud to announce that over the weekend of the 13/14th July 2024 - Laura Trivett who runs When The Puck Drops media will be joining us to help us celebrate such an amazing coaching experience here in Nottingham.

Laura currently works as the Social Media Manager for The Nottingham Lions in NIHL1 & NIHL2. She has successfully shaped and redeveloped their social media platforms during this time.

During 23/24 season she has worked as Content Creator for The Guildford Flames in the EIHL.

Laura has previous experience of working the 22/23 Elite League Play Offs and 23/24 Challenge Cup final where she provided videography and photography alongside her other media roles.

Matt Bradbury said "Being able to celebrate the weekend is extremely important. We have so many excellent speakers at the workshops at such a wonderful facility on the campus at the University of Nottingham."

"We want to be able to reflect on the experiences and also be able to highlight to everyone across the hockey world what they may be able to attend in the future."

"We are so grateful to Laura attending and look forward to her supporting the media projects during the symposium weekend."

Laura Trivett Media can be found on Instagram at lauratrivettmedia and whenthepuckdrops

Matt Bradbury Ice Hockey Coaching Symposium in Nottingham over the weekend of 13/14 July 2024

Matt Bradbury Ice Hockey Coaching Symposium in Nottingham over the weekend of 13/14 July 2024

To find out further details and to make a booking:-

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To make a booking CLICK HERE 

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